May marked the beginning of wildfire season in the western United States, including Alaska. From June through August, wildfire season generally moves north and west and becomes more prevalent by late July or early August. Fortunately, there are several steps your policyholders can take to prepare for wildfire season:

  • Remove pine needles and dry leaves from within five feet of the home.
  • Sweep porches and decks to clear pine needles and leaves.
  • Keep wood piles 30 feet from the home.
  • Develop and practice a home evacuation plan, and create a family communication plan. This will help everyone in the family know what to do if there is a fire.

Prevent Wildfire Damage

If one of your policyholders experiences a loss due to fire, ServiceMaster TEAM is ready to respond immediately. Our mitigation services include loss site inspection and evaluation, emergency pre-cleaning, water procedures if present, and report findings to the adjuster to determine the next steps to be completed. This rapid response plan can help to lower claim cost and get homeowners back to their normal life as quickly as possible.