Sewage Cleanup

We understand how upsetting sewage leaks are to any home or business. When the plumber leaves we’ll make it right—from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between!

Water Damage

Don’t ignore ceiling stains or other early warning signs once the rain starts up again. We’re the experts—that’s why we’re on call 24/7. We’ll restore your valuable property and make sure that what’s causing the leak is correctly repaired.

Fire Damage

A neglected fireplace over summer can become a fire hazard during fall. Creosote build-up and unchecked flue blockages can spell out a recipe for disaster. We’re experts at resolving the aftermath of a fire, call us anytime to repair issues from soot damage to charred walls.

Got A Problem In Your Home? We’re Here For You

At ServiceMaster TEAM we restore peace of mind! Call our 24/7 service TEAM TODAY for emergency water or fire damage services at (817) 381 – 9308.