Thanksgiving is the time where families and friends gather together and enjoy a meal. However, distractions and improper safety measures can turn a celebration into a fire disaster. The majority of kitchen fires happen on Thanksgiving. The increase in fire incidents can occur for various reasons. Mostly, because almost every is home preparing meals for loved ones.

We have few pieces of advice and safety precautions that you can follow to avoid any damage to your home during Thanksgiving. Below you will find some reasons for Thanksgiving fires and tips on avoiding kitchen disasters:

1.  Cooking Turkey in the Oven

Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner is a yearly tradition for many of us. Sometimes, when you are busy with the arrangements or busy handling your children, you may forget about the turkey in the oven. When you leave a turkey unattended in the oven, it can burn and catch fire. Do not take out the burning turkey from the oven as it can also spread fire to other items. Also, do not use a lid to drag the turkey out as it will drop on the floor and lead to various consequences. Instead, use an extinguisher to stop the fire while the turkey is still in the oven. Then you can bring the burned turkey out.

2. Frying the Turkey Indoor

Another reason why kitchens or homes catch fire during Thanksgiving is when they fry the turkey indoors. Frying such a large piece of meat can be tricky. When the grease drips off the turkey into the flames, it catches fire. The first thing you need to make sure of is that you are frying the turkey outdoors. You also need to place the fryer away from your home and tree branches to avoid catching fire. Once you are outside, you need to slowly lower the turkey into the oil to avoid any spillover on the burner.

3. Keep your Children Away from the Kitchen

Avoid burns or accidents and keep children away from the oven and stove. Also, ensure that your children are away from the candles also. Ask your guest or a helper to watch out for the kids, or you can hand them some toys, so they are busy while you cook the food.


ServiceMaster TEAM is available for you if you face any kind of fire damage during Thanksgiving. We will immediately respond to your call. Our fire damage technicians will bring back your home area, such as the kitchen affected by the fire damage back to normal. We will also deal with the insurance company so that you do not have to worry.

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash