Smoke damage is unavoidable when a fire occurs in your home or business. This damage can greatly affect your property both during and after a fire. Smoke residue is corrosive, causing it to breakdown the surfaces it touches. Smoke can permanently discolor walls, floors, structures, and belongings. Most of all, smoke emits a heavy odor that lasts years. That’s why it’s important to avoid fire altogether or if an accident does occur, hire the soot removal experts in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Prevent a Fire:

There are many small, everyday actions that make a difference in your fire safety. Use the following tips to help you avoid a fire disaster altogether.
• Plan your escape routes and practice them with your entire family.
• Create an emergency plan and account for personal necessities like medication, disabilities or pet arrangements.
• Test smoke alarms monthly and replace batteries as needed.
• Never leave the kitchen while using the stove.
• If using the oven, check food regularly.
• Keep anything flammable away from your stovetop or any other open flames.
• Schedule a professional chimney sweep yearly to prevent flammable soot buildup.
Damage can still occur long after a fire is put out. Many of the materials found in today’s homes are synthetic. These items produce soot that eat away your belongings overtime. Your property can go from cleanable to unsalvageable after only a few days. Our technicians are professionally trained to protect your valuables and restore your home back to pre-damage conditions. From emergency pre-cleaning to pack out services, we can do it all.

Our team of restoration experts can remedy your smoke damage. We clean surfaces, provide deodorization services, and help repair or replace structures when they have become heavily damaged from smoke, soot, and burns.

Our Smoke Restoration Services:

• Thorough cleaning top-to-bottom
• Complete content cleaning
• Soot removal
• HVAC duct cleaning
• Professional deodorization
• Odor removal
• Packout service

Our Process:

1. Emergency pre-cleaning
2. Content cleaning
3. Content pack-out
4. Wall and ceiling cleaning
5. Deodorization

Before Our Team Arrives:

• Open windows and doors if the outdoor temperature is above 60 degrees.
• Turn off electricity to avoid malfunctioning electrical appliances.
• Throw away open food and clean out the refrigerator.
• Roll up carpets and set aside.
• Remove valuables and sentimental items from the damaged area.

When Our Team Arrives:

• Assess which items need immediate attention
• Effectively clean and deodorize structure members
• Remove soot from at-risk items such as brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, and porcelain as well as upholstery fabrics and carpets

When in doubt, call the experts at ServiceMaster TEAM with any and all fire and smoke damage related restoration projects. Our team in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area can resolve any fire or smoke damage problem, no matter how big or small.