Smoke & Soot Damage Advice

The biggest mistake homeowners make is trying to self-repair smoke damages after a fire without previous experience. In fact, most homeowners are uninformed about the severe risks involved cleaning a fire-damaged home. The following issues must be taken into consideration when restoring your home after a fire:

  • Ash from the smoke that is left behind or not fully cleaned can cause more damage to materials over time.
  • Smoke odors are likely to stay in the home long after the fire is put out.
  • Discoloration in the walls is caused by smoke, and it takes much effort to fully clean.
  • Smoke damage causes white appliances to turn yellow.
  • Particles in smoke will tarnish precious metals and glassware immediately after a fire.

All of these damages require special equipment and cleaning techniques that are done by a professional, and ServiceMaster Team has the best-trained technicians in Dallas to safely restore your home after a fire. We are ready to help 24/7/365 – call us today.