After a fire in your home or business, or in the surrounding area, soot can settle throughout the building. Fire damage restoration is a complex and necessary process that not only returns the appearance of your Dallas or Fort Worth home or business back to normal but also removes toxins that are deposited during a fire. To protect your health, always leave smoke and soot damage cleanup to the professionals. ServiceMaster TEAM has the expertise and equipment to safely restore your home or business and thoroughly clean it to remove any materials that might be harmful to you and your family.

From floor to ceiling, your home or office will receive a complete restoration. Treatment includes smoke and odor removal and complete sanitization and deodorization, plus air vent and duct cleaning as needed. The contents of your home or office are packed out and thoroughly cleaned with care.

We believe in taking the time to communicate with our clients and protect your most valuable possessions. Our smoke damage experts can treat the salvageable content of your home or office and restore your property. You can count on our TEAM to provide not only expert restoration and cleaning services but to also keep you informed throughout the smoke damage restoration process.

ServiceMaster TEAM offers the following fire mitigation treatment:

  • Thorough cleaning top-to-bottom
  • Odor removal
  • Soot removal
  • Professional deodorization
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Packout and Content Storage