When a fire occurs, smoke damage can be worse than the actual fire damage itself. That’s because smoke spreads quickly. Even if a fire was contained to a single room, the smoke can easily make its way through the entire building. The process of filing insurance claims differs based on the type of damage you report. Read the following smoke damage insurance claim tips if you experience a fire in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

What is Smoke Damage

Smoke residue can appear oily or powdery depending on the material burned. Cleaning this type of residue improperly can cause even more damage than what originally occurred. Each type of residue needs separate cleaning techniques. Odor is also a common sign of smoke damage. Even after your property is cleaned thoroughly, odor can linger.

Call Insurance Provider

Before you take any other action, contact your insurance provider. This will ensure that you and your insurance agent can work together as efficiently as possible from the start of the restoration process.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage. If you lost your policy information in the fire, your insurance provider will be able to send a new copy your way. You’ll be able to look through all of the details including coverage limits, deductibles, exemptions and deadlines.

Record the Damage

Proof of the damage can help streamline the insurance process. Take photos or video of damaged items, valuables and structural damage. Don’t disturb anything until after you do this.

Include the Following in Your Smoke Damage Insurance Claim

1. Date of loss
2. Type of damage
3. Contact information of property owner
4. Personal contact information
5. Location
6. Related injuries
7. Others involved
8. Condition of home
9. Remediation estimates
10. Description of damaged items
11. Receipts for restoration and related costs
12. Any temporary repairs
13. Complete list of damaged items
14. A police report

Mitigate Damage

Prevent further damage from occurring by boarding up broken windows or securing a tarp over a damaged roof. Your insurance policy may require you to take these precautions.

Keep Track of Expenses

Your living expenses while dealing with damage can be reimbursed if they exceed your normal day to day expenses. You may need to stay in a hotel or buy new necessities, which can all add up. Keep a detailed record including receipts and an itemized list to share with your insurance provider.

Call a Professional Smoke Damage Restoration Team

ServiceMaster TEAM in Fort Worth, Texas is your local damage restoration expert. We’re committed to superior results and courteous customer service. Rely on our team of experts to walk you through the entire process, even communicating directly with your insurance provider. Our team’s professionalism is demonstrated by our timely services and high-quality equipment. Contact us 24/7 for emergency restoration services. If you experience fire damage, our team can help. We’ll do the job correctly the first time or provide a do-over, no questions asked.

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