On an annual basis, several properties in Arlington, Fort Worth and the nearby areas are affected by the flood and/or water damages. These damages can occur at any given time and can stem from burst pipes, heavy storms, faulty appliances and several other causes. Fortunately, the Arlington and Fort Worth disaster restoration experts, ServiceMaster TEAM, is here to help you by providing a swift response and high quality restoration services.

But between the period of when you first discover water or flood damages and the time it takes for the professional experts to arrive, there are some actions you can take upon yourself to help reduce damages. Continue reading for some helpful hints to combat against water damages as you wait for the experts to arrive onsite.

Shut off the source of water.

As soon as water or flood damage has been discovered, your number one priority is to find a way to stop the water from entering your property and eliminate the source. For instance, if a pipe is leaking or has burst, shut down the water supply. If the water is entering your property from the outdoors, find a way to block or redirect the water away from your property. By limiting the amount of water that can enter your property, you’re effectively limiting the number of damages your property can sustain.

Move your possessions out of the water.

Your next set of priorities is to remove as many belongings as possible from the affected area to a safe, dry location. This can include furniture, electronics, valuables, trinkets, décor items and anything else that can be within the area. This is important because the longer items are allowed to sit in water, the more damages they can accumulate. So begin moving as many items as possible to different floor levels, outside, or into a garage or storage area.

Remove water from the area.

Once you’ve shut off the water supply and moved valuables into a safe area, your next task should be to determine a way to remove water from your property. Generally, the best method is through the use of a sump pump or wet vacuum to extract the water, but if those are not available you should always try to lead the water to a drainage point or to the outdoors. If you are unable to drain the water, you can always attempt to remove as much water as possible by mopping and blotting.

We hope that this information can be helpful to any property owner or manager facing water or flood damages, but when you need high quality services and a prompt response, you can always rely on ServiceMaster TEAM. We offer emergency services for fire and water damage, meaning that we have our lines operating 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. When you contact us for emergency services, we’ll gather a TEAM of specialists and have them sent to your location to provide restoration services in a matter of hours.

For more information regarding ServiceMaster TEAM’s water damage restoration services in Fort Worth, Arlington or any of the nearby areas, please feel free to contact our office today!