Winter weather events can make it harder for you to keep your home safe from water damage. The winter in Dallas, TX can bring unexpected weather such as freezing temperatures, freezing rain, snow, and rain. During these extreme weather events, be sure your home is protected to avoid water damage. 

We at ServiceMaster TEAM encourage you to check around your home to see what you can do to prevent winter water damage. We have a few recommendations for you to explore when keeping your home safe this season.

Keep Your Plumbing Pipes Safe

Winter water damage often comes from plumbing pipes bursting apart and leaking. An exposed pipe can freeze and break apart from excess pressure.

You can add insulating wraps around any exposed pipes and plumbing fixtures around your property. Fiberglass or foam insulation is ideal for unheated spaces, as these allow the water to stay safe.

Another idea is to allow cold water to drip from faucets supposed by exposed pipes. Running a small bit of water prevents the pipes from freezing.

Clean Gutters & Downspouts 

Overflowing gutters leads can cause damage to the siding and foundation of your home. Gutters and downspouts are meant to direct water away from your home and minimize exposure. Gutters can get clogged easily with debris during the course of the year. Routine maintenance is key. Clean your gutters twice a year and you can relax when the rain comes.

Add Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are ideal to have around your rain gutters. These features prevent leaves and other items from entering your gutters. It becomes easier for rainwater and melted snow to flow off your roof when you have clean gutters.

Fix Flashing Issues Around the Roof

Any signs of flashing wearing off around your roof might suggest your space is leaking. You can ask a professional roof repair team to remove your old flashing around your vents and other spaces and add a new material.

We at ServiceMaster TEAM want you to look carefully at your property and see how well it feels. Be sure you protect your plumbing fixtures and other spaces on the outside to ensure melting snow and freezing conditions won’t become a threat.