Winter is on its way in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Make sure your home is ready to withstand water damage. Prevent a possible disaster this winter by performing the following home maintenance tips.

Patch Cracks

Patch damage in your exterior walls. Whether you have stucco, siding or plaster, this is imperative to keep moisture out that can cause hard to reach mold growth. In addition, it could lower your heating bill and keep your pipes from freezing.

Insulate Pipes

All pipes, whether in your attic or in a heated area of your home, are at risk for freezing. Because water expands as it freezes, burst pipes can occur. Even if frozen pipes aren’t common in your area, insulating pipes can increase the temperature of your hot water pipes and decrease the condensation around cold water pipes. There are many methods to insulate pipes. A few common ones are heat tape, pipe wrap and pipe sleeves.

Sweep Chimney

Drinking hot chocolate by the fire is a quintessential winter past time. Before your chimney’s first use of the season, invest in a professional chimney sweep. If not removed, creosote buildup causes dangerous chimney fires that can get out of hand quickly.

Clear Clutter

Your heating system is most likely going to see a lot of use this winter. Ensure that flammable items are cleared away from heating vents. Furniture, clothes and blankets can cause fatal home fires if kept too close to a heat source. This is especially true for space heaters that have the potential to be knocked over.

Cover Outdoor Faucets

After you disconnect, drain and put away your hose for winter, don’t forget about your outdoor faucets. These are the most susceptible to freezing and bursting because they have no protection from the elements. Use a faucet cover, usually made out of plastic or foam, to ensure your outdoor faucets don’t come into contact with moisture or cold air.

Protect Entryway Floors

Encourage the use of mats outside all entrances of your home. Make sure they’re a few strides long to catch all excess mud and moisture. Place shoe and coat racks in your entry way or mud room. In addition, a durable throw rug and bench can work wonders to keep your home shoe free. Carpets have the potential to be damaged more in the winter than the whole rest of the year. Mud and moisture can get caught in the fibers of your carpet. If this debris does not get removed, stains and mold can form.

Cover Patio Furniture

Invest in patio furniture covers to keep your furnishings looking new for years to come. Not only will covers keep your outdoor furniture free from water damage, it will protect them from sun damage in the summer.

Keep the above home maintenance checklist in mind this winter. Burst pipes, tracked in moisture and damage in exterior walls are main culprits for winter water damage. Combat a potential disaster before winter starts. If you find water damage in your home this season, ServiceMaster TEAM in the Fort Worth, Texas area can help. Contact us to schedule your water damage cleanup services.

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