National Safe At Home Week – Fire Prevention

It’s never too late for National Safe at Home Week that officially ran August 23-29. One major takeaway is to keep your homes safe by installing and/or testing your smoke detectors. Most homes already have smoke detectors installed, but have you ever stopped to consider whether those detectors are good enough?

There are two types of smoke detectors– ionization alarms, which are generally faster at detecting blazing fires, and photoelectric alarms, which are generally faster at detecting smoldering fires. Ninety percent of homes have only ionization alarms.??

Studies have found that photoelectric alarms can sound as much as 30 minutes earlier than ionization alarms in a smoldering fire, and ionization detectors sometimes fail to sound their alarms at all.??

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends consumers install both ionization and photoelectric alarms. Alarms should be placed on each floor of the home, in bedrooms, and the batteries should be changed during Daylight Saving Time.??