Commercial carpet cleaning may seem like a simple process, but to be able to provide a thorough cleaning for an office’s carpeting, the Ft Worth cleaning process can become a bit more complicated.

In a commercial setting, your carpeting must endure heavy foot traffic for a number of years. Many times dirt, dust, and crumbs will become trapped within the fibers of your carpeting,causing stains, faded appearances, and difficult to remove with ordinary vacuuming. But with Ft Worth cleaning services for carpeting, ServiceMaster TEAM utilizes a specially designed carpet cleaning process to thoroughly remove dirt and stains, which will leave your carpets looking refreshed and help prolong the life of your carpeting.

Below is a glimpse of our process for commercial carpet care:

Pre-Application of Shampoo: What differentiates ServiceMaster TEAM from our competitors is the method as to how we apply our shampoos. We pre-apply the carpet shampoo so that it has time to soak within your carpeting to breakdown the tough dirt and stains, allowing for a much thorough cleaning.

Water Temperature: With our Ft Worth carpet cleaning service, we use hot water to help activate the ingredients in the carpet shampoo to provide a much more effective cleaning process. With the combination of heated water and carpet shampoo, it allows us to breakdown the stubborn and tough dirt and stains that are trapped within the carpet’s fibers, and leave them exceptionally clean.

Properly Rinsing Your Carpets: A quality carpet cleaning service is notfinished until your carpets have been rinsed of shampoo and the excess water has been extracted. It’s crucial that your carpets are rinsed with clean water and not recycled water to avoid leaving impurities on your carpets. With Ft Worth carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster TEAM, we take the proper precautions to ensure that your carpets are properly rinsed, extracted, and dried.

When you need a reliable DFW or Ft Worth carpet cleaning service, you can trust the experts at ServiceMaster TEAM. We’re experts for carpet cleaning services and will rejuvenate your carpets to look refreshed and last longer. Contact us today for more information about our carpet cleaning services.