No matter the circumstances, a fire and smoke will always cause significant damage to your property. Regardless of your property goes up in flames or only a small portion of your property is damaged, it is very likely that some of your prized possessions will be damaged. To recover and restore the affected portions of your home or office, consider the services of ServiceMaster TEAM, Fort Worth’s fire damage restoration experts. ServiceMaster TEAM is a reliable water and fire damage restoration service provider that is dedicated to mitigate damages and restore your home or office back to a proper condition.

Here are some of their tips for keeping fire damage to a minimum:

1) Accept Losses

In a fire, some items are beyond repair. Realize that sometimes it’s not worth the effort to attempt to keep severely damaged belongings and don’t hesitate to demolish structures of your property if it has been damaged thoroughly.

2) Circulate the Air

The first step towards the restoration process after sustaining fire damages is to aerate your property. This will help remove as much smoke and moisture as possible to prevent additional damages. Open windows, doors, cabinets, and utilize any fans that are available.

3) Vacuum Fabrics Without a Brush

Soot in the air often lands on surfaces and furniture. To remove soot from fabrics, vacuum them gently with the hose attachment without the use of a brush or the beater bar, otherwise you will compound the soot into the fabrics.

4) Clean Surfaces of Soot

For nonporous surfaces like glass or metal, soot can be removed with spray cleaners and paper towels. On porous surfaces, a chemical sponge and grease eliminated cleanser are preferred.

5) Repaint Structures

The walls of your property can easily absorb and retain soot and smoke odors well. To help reduce and possibly even remove smoke odors, strip the paint and apply a fresh new coat of paint onto your walls. The same methods can be applied if you have hardwood floors that emit a smoky odor. Strip the original finish and re-varnishing your hardwood floors.

Remember all of these items are to be done at your own risk. If you feel like you may cause additional damages or unsure about how to clean items, allow the professionals to handle these tasks. For fire damage restoration and cleanup services in Fort Worth, TX, contact the experts at ServiceMaster TEAM.