Fall has officially begun. The weather is part of what makes this season so special. The sweltering heat has come and gone but the bitter cold won’t make an appearance for another few months. However, the new rain and dropping temperatures create the perfect opportunity for water or mold damage to take hold in your Fort Worth property. Before you get into the full swing of tailgating, pumpkin carving and baking holiday treats, spend a few hours on fall damage prevention maintenance.


Trim trees and other large greenery before the summer weather disappears completely. When the wind and rain pick up, branches are often swept into windows causing storm damage.

Lawn Mower

It’s important to give your lawnmower a little attention before you store it for the cooler months. Make sure you empty your lawn mower’s gas tank. You can do this by cutting the grass one last time or transferring the gas into a fuel canister. A third option is to use a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas intact until next spring.

Gardening Tools

Store your gardening tools in a dry place like a shed to keep them looking new for years to come. Don’t forget to disconnect hoses from outdoor water spouts. Consider protecting them from freezing weather with faucet covers.


Fall is one of the best times of year to clean your gutters. Use a plastic spatula or small shovel to remove debris. Leaves, twigs and that baseball you lost in June cause clogging. This clogging leads to rain overflowing onto your home or commercial building. Don’t forget to turn downspouts towards a path that allows it to escape from the immediate area around your property.


Don’t put away your ladder until you inspect your roof. Look for damage like missing shingles or cracks around your chimney. This damage can allow moisture to seep under your roof causing expensive water and mold damage. Repair it before the damage grows out of control.


Walk around your property to close all windows and doors. Inspect them to make sure they close firmly without any gaps. Fill any openings you see with weather stripping. You can buy weather stripping made of felt, foam or vinyl at your local home improvement store. The weatherstripping will keep cold air and moisture out.


Before you decide to curl up next to your fireplace with a blanket and warm drink, schedule a professional chimney sweep. Soot and creosote buildup are extremely flammable. Cleanout this buildup at least once per year to help prevent a fire disaster.

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