If you’re looking for disaster cleaning in the Ft. Worth area, you’ve come to the right place. ServiceMaster TEAM is standing by ready to serve you day or night for the event of an emergency.

When your Fort Worth property is damaged by fire, flood or trauma, you never get an advanced warning. So when this happens, you can’t afford to wait for a contractor that works regular business hours to schedule an appointment to come out and assess the damage. You need emergency clean up right away, no matter what time of the day or night it may be.

Emergency Fire Clean Up

Fire can sneak up on you quickly and destroy everything you’ve worked for. It can start from an accident,an act of arson, or be caused by wildfires of the dry summer conditions in Ft. Worth and North Texas. Whatever the case, a fire can wreak major havoc on your life. If a fire damages your property it is highly recommended that you contact the experts for emergency fire damage cleanup and restoration services.

Emergency Water Clean Up

Water and flood damage can happen due to heavy rainfalls or from simply having pipes burst within your property. When the flooding starts, the situation can begin to escalate quite quickly. The longer your belongings sit in the water, the greater the damages and the more losses you will accumulate. When flooding occurs, time is of the essence, as you’ll need cleanup specialists onsite quickly.

Trauma Scene Cleaning

When violent crimes, accidental deaths, and suicides occur, it’s not only an emergency, but it’s a sensitive time. During situations like these, you need two things, expertise, and professionalism. At ServiceMaster TEAM, we have decades of experience when handling emergency cleanup services for traumas accidents and sites, and we handle each situation in the most professional manner possible.

For emergency cleanup from fire, water, and trauma damage, contact the Ft. Worth Cleaning and disaster restoration specialists at ServiceMaster TEAM. We are standing by anytime day or night to take care of you and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. We can have your property looking great again, in no time.