Insurance claims can be a hassle – here at ServiceMaster TEAM, we’re on your side when it comes to helping you restore your property as quick as possible through your insurance provider. One such solution to expedite the claims process is a digital home inventory checklist. This will help you stay organized throughout the restoration process, and it will help your insurance provider create a more reliable picture of the cost of total losses.

Document Your Personal Posessions

  1. Take inventory by room: Your digital list should include all valuables throughout your home or property. The easiest way to sort out your belongings is by room.
  2. Include extra documents/proof: I.e., proofs of purchase, such as receipts, descriptions and photos. These are important – don’t leave them out!
  3. Use insurance tools your provider may have: Many insurance companies provide a template for a home inventory checklist. These are usually free if you’re a customer.
  4. Ensure that EVERYTHING is digital: All documents (including photos and receipts) should be kept in digital format. Your list should also be stored online somewhere for you to access in case your computer is lost during a disaster (on your email, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.).

Preparing for a disaster may seem burdensome, but hopefully with these tips and tools, your life is made a little bit easier when it comes to inventory lists and claims. Also, contact your insurance provider for a full list of their services and tools that you have access to.

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*photo by sunshinecity