In Fort Worth, Texas, many properties are affected by water or flood damage on a yearly basis. It can be the result of broken appliances, stormy weather, or from broken or backed up pipes. But what property owners or managers should be concerned of, is the type of flooding that can occur on their property, as there are two different types, each requiring different processes to mitigate damages.

Clear Water Flooding

The first type of flood damage can be labeled as clear water. Of the two types of flooding, clear water flooding presents the least amount of danger and the least amount of damage. Clearwater flooding occurs when a pipe that is linked to your sinks, shower, or other appliances, has broken and is allowing clear or clean water to accumulate on your property.

The process to mitigate and restore your property is straightforward. The professional water damage restoration TEAM will remove the standing water from the area, wipe down surfaces, and use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the structures of your property.

Black Water Flooding

The other type of flooding you must be concerned with is black water flooding. This version of flooding is one you hope to avoid at all costs. Blackwater flooding occurs when sewer lines or septic tanks are backed up and the flow is reversed through your pipes and into your property, or when water from the outdoors has run its course collecting dirt, microbes and several other items and is flowing into your property.

The cleanup process for black water can be extremely difficult for professionals because black water contains bacteria, sewage, microbes, and a large number of other contaminants. A large number of specialized cleaning equipment and products will be needed to eliminate the bacteria growth and germs, but even then, not all items will be rid of bacteria due to the amount of black water that has been absorbed. In such situations, it’s best to replace contents completely than to attempt to clean or restore them, otherwise, you run the risk of harboring large clusters of bacteria that will pose as a health threat and create an unsafe environment.

If you’re in the Fort Worth area and are in need of flood damage restoration services, you can rely on the local experts at ServiceMaster TEAM. We have all the expertise and equipment to restore your Fort Worth property from water and flood damages. Contact us today to learn more about our services.