Can You Clean Out the Water Damage Yourself When a Pipe Bursts?

One of the first things people do when pipes burst in their homes is to try and clean out the water damage themselves. They might figure that they can clear out the excess water themselves, but that isn’t always the safest thing for people to manage. You might need to hire a professional team like us at ServiceMaster TEAM due to the water damage clean-up process possibly being riskier or more sensitive than you might expect.

What Threats Can Get In the Way?

You might be subject to various threats when trying to clean water damage on your own. Some of these issues may include the following risks:

  • Electrical hazards
  • Bacteria, mold, and other items flowing through the water
  • A lack of drains or other items to move the water towards
  • Water consistently building up; this may occur if the source of the damage is still leaking
  • Water moving towards other parts of the home, including through vents, walls, and other fixtures

Can You Use Different Tools?

It is possible to remove standing water if you’re in a safe space. You could remove small amounts of water with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. But this works if the standing water is minor and there isn’t an electrical risk in a space. You’d have to contact a professional team if there are several inches of water in a spot.

You can do a few other things around your property like:

  • Opening the windows to allow things to air out
  • Shutting off the water main value in your home to stop new water from entering
  • Cycling your HVAC system to move moisture in and out of the air
  • Pushing water towards a drain; this point works if the water is in a basement or another low-lying space

Will You Remove All the Moisture?

You won’t remove every bit of moisture from your home by yourself. The moisture may stick around some floors, walls, and other small areas. It might stick well to where it seeps through different surfaces, making it harder to clean.

The best tip for what to do when pipes burst is to contact us at ServiceMaster TEAM for assistance when the need arises. We service the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are here for you. We can arrive at your property and fix any flood-related damage that develops in your home. We provide a thorough approach to work that ensures your home and your belongings will stay safe and protected after a pipe bursts in your space.