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ServiceMaster TEAM



Soot Removal – How to Avoid It and How We Can Help

Smoke damage is unavoidable when a fire occurs in your home or business. This damage can greatly affect your property both during and after a fire. Smoke residue is corrosive, causing it to breakdown the surfaces it touches. Smoke can permanently discolor walls, floors, structures, and belongings. Most of all, smoke emits a heavy odor [...]

Recurring Preventative Disinfection Services

Whether your business is running under restrictions or is functioning normally, schedule recurring disinfection services. A professional disinfection plan is key to help your employees and customers stay healthy. Our expert team can disinfect your facility with EPA-registered disinfectants. ServiceMaster TEAM follows guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) during every service. Professional [...]

Routine Disinfection Maintenance

After you’ve received a professional disinfection service, it’s important to maintain your clean space. Incorporate cleaning and disinfecting habits into your daily routine. Start by focusing on high touch areas. Clean with soap and water first, followed by disinfection with an EPA-registered product. Encourage everyone in your home or office to wipe down surfaces after [...]

At-Home Water Damage Prevention

Quarantine Home Maintenance Tips Shortages of toilet paper and other household items are common right now. Unfortunately making substitutions for these hard to find items can cause expensive damage to your water pipes, washing machines and dishwashers. While you’re stuck at home, you’re probably using your appliances more than ever. Take care of them by [...]