Properties in Arlington, Texas, are always susceptible to fire damages, as it can occur from a kitchen accident, overheated appliances, or even from natural disasters such as a nearby forest or brush fires. But in any event regarding Arlington fire damage, it is always a stressful situation to be in, as you must deal with damaged structures, loss of belongings, and significant costs. To help you understand what occurs during a fire, the experts at ServiceMaster TEAM has provided some information to help you understand the characteristics of fire damage.


The flames of a fire actually cause the least amount of damage to a property. It is true that when the flames do reach delicate fabrics or items, it can burn them into ash, but the residual effects of a fire are the primary causes of creating the most property damages.


The general heat of a fire is the second leading contributor in causing property damages during a fire. Heat will warp structures and objects, dry out materials, and can cause a variety of chemical reaction that can produce harmful gases and corrosive substances.


The most damaging aspect of a fire is the smoke that is produced and emitted from burnt materials. Smoke can build up and become absorbed into almost any nearby object it comes into contact with. Surfaces and objects can find themselves covered in a sticky film or residue of smoke, permanently discolored, and emitting heavy smoke odors.

The Arlington fire damage experts at ServiceMaster TEAM know fully well about the characteristics of a fire and know how to handle and mitigate the damages that come with it. For a reliable Arlington fire damage restoration service, always rely on ServiceMaster TEAM. We’ll do everything possible to get your property restored as soon as possible while providing the best quality services available. To learn more, please feel free to contact our office today.