A fire can break out at any time and should always be considered as a potential threat to any property. Outbreaks are generally caused by overheating appliances and electronics, cooking mishaps, improper cigarette disposal, and several other causes. A fire only has one goal, to engulf and consume nearby combustibles unless interrupted and extinguished. Fortunately, ServiceMaster TEAM is the expert for fire damage restoration services in these following areas:

  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Southlake
  • Grapevine
  • Colleyville
  • Keller
  • North Richland Hills
  • Irving
  • Coppell

When you’re facing fire damages, our experts have provided a short list of tasks you should take upon yourself after experiencing damages.

1) Contact your insurance

After sustaining smoke or fire damages, contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible. You’ll want to notify your insurance carrier as soon as you can so you can schedule for an estimate, begins the claims process, and receive assistance on finding a reliable disaster restoration expert for fire damages such as ServiceMaster TEAM.

2) Ventilate the property

The next task you will want to do is to ventilate the property of smoke, odors, dust, and soot. Open all of your doors and windows and if possible, use fans to assist the process. By ventilating the property you help jumpstart the restoration process and create a better work environment for the restoration experts when they arrive.

3) Move valuables out of the area

Whenever possible, start moving all of your undamaged or partially damaged valuables and goods from the affected area. You want to avoid additional damages caused by residual smoke, soot, and even water.

4) Record damages

After experiencing a fire, take note and record all of the damages you’ve incurred. The more evidence you can prove to your insurance carrier the easier the claims process can be. Make a list of all damages, take photographs, make a video, and find receipts if possible.

For all of your smoke and fire damage needs in Dallas, Fort Worth, Southlake and many of the surrounding areas, trust the experts at ServiceMaster TEAM. Our restoration TEAM is professionally trained, experienced, and ready to handle projects of any size. For more information about our fire damage restoration services, feel free to contact our office today!