The holiday season may be a festive time of year, but it’s also an excellent time for fires to start in your home. You might be too busy thinking about many other things surrounding the season instead of fire safety.

There are twelve useful things that we recommend for your fire safety needs this holiday season. These can reduce the risk of fires developing on your property.

  1. Ensure you have flame retardant or resistant decorations.

Some holiday decorations could be fire hazards, most if they are made with paper. Stick with plastic materials and other items with materials that prevent fires from developing.

  1. Never use lights with worn wires or connections.

An older light system with worn-out wires could overheat and cause sparks and fires. Replace your older lights with newer ones that will not produce fires. These newer items may also be more energy-efficient than your old ones.

  1. Watch where you place your lit candles.

Candles can be appealing and can produce pleasing scents, but you shouldn’t place them just anywhere. Always keep your lit candles in a far-off space where no one can touch them and nothing can get near them.

  1. Avoid using a space heater. If you need to use one, turn it off before you leave the room.

A space heater can be risky for producing an intense amount of heat in a small radius. You should avoid using one if possible, but there might be times when you need one. We recommend you turn off your heater after each use.

  1. Never use electronics items in wet spaces.

Always keep your lights and other features in dry areas. Moisture can cause electric shorts that could trigger fires.

  1. Avoid overloading your electric outlets.

While an occasion multi-tap extension wire can work for many electric needs, you should avoid going overboard. We recommend having an electrician come to your home to add a few new outlets for your safety.

  1. Avoid placing cords under your furniture, rugs, or other spaces.

Excess fatigue on your electric cords can cause them to spark and trigger fires. Make sure your cords are visible so you can see what’s happening with them.

  1. Make sure anyone in your house who wishes to smoke does so outside.

Keep the air in your house comfortable by having guests smoke outdoors. The move keeps your air clean while preventing flammable ash from spreading.

  1. Test your smoke alarms before the season.

Check how well your alarms work by using their test options. You can use this to see that your alarms are functional.

  1. Keep your decorations away from windows and doors.

Moving items can cause your decorations to become dislodged and likely to move around a space.

  1. Turn off your decorations while you are asleep or when you’re outside the house.

Unattended decorations could catch fire due to them being on for too much time.

  1. Water your Christmas tree if you have a natural one.

A dry natural Christmas tree can become a fire hazard unless you water it on occasion.

ServiceMaster TEAM is here for you 24/7 and especially during the holidays. If you need help restoring your home from water or fire damage, call us. We’re ready to serve you.